Tuesday, October 16, 2012

blog entree #2

Here's an update and a small introduction about the leadership team of Streetlights:

Philemon and Eva 

Philemon has left for Australia. In the next two weeks, he will be visiting churches, radio shows and news papers giving presentations, in order to fundraise for Streetlights.  His expected return to Athens is on the 28th of October.

Eva (Philemon's wife) is staying in Thessaloniki, Greece during her husband's absence.  As mentioned before, she is the coordinator for Streetlight's 'Young Moms' program.  Currently, she is staying in communication with the office and continues to lead the young moms group by broadcasting weekly videos.  She is expected to return on the 28th as well.

Therefore, until the 28th of October, Meta, Babis and I are left to run the office.

Meta and her three children

Meta (mother of three and sister to Philemon) oversees the media productions, and runs the streetlights radio show on a weekly basis that is broadcasted on Godradio.gr.

This is Babis!

Babis oversees the youth cafe and streetstore. He has a strong entepreneurial spirit that leads him to connect and support young adults and people around him.

And here's a picture of me.

And I run the Internships program and the Outreach to Local and International Churches.

I am please to anounce Streetlights will be functioning as a Youth Cafe this year. However, it will not be an ordinary youth cafe, because the cafe will run three afternoons a week with themed activities. We hope to accomplish an open door for youth interaction. Specifically, to create an atmosphere of acceptance, creativity, and empowerment for the young people. One of the events that will take place in the Youth Cafe is called "Κρύα Σοκολάτα" (Kria Sokolata) which means Cold Chocolate. A time for music and a drink of cold chocolate. During this event, young people will share time together enjoying the company of musicians who preform live their own songs or cover songs.  All the while, drinking a cold chocolate drink! This will be a consistent event in the following weeks and months, with live web streaming.

Although, the room for the cafe is still under construction I am happy to inform that our most recent and first hosting was a success. The evening was very blessed, the feeling of excitement was in the air as the room was filled with about 25-36 Streetlighters. Everyone enjoyed their cold chocolate and dreamed of how the youth cafe will continue to grow.

Here is a link of the recording of the night, it is in Greek but you can see how the night went:

This week's project

On Thursday we will be holding a small arts and crafts workshop. A time for young people to participate and help us decorate the youth cafe with their creations.

On the 19th of October, I will be traveling to Thessaloniki to participate at a confrence taking place on the 20th called "I have a voice." This confrence is organised by the "24 hour watch for Greece" that fuctions as intercessional prayer for Greece, and for the first time they are organising a youth confrence. I will be traveling to participate as a member of the confrence. The workshops philosophy is how to unite art with prayer and worship. How God speaks to us in images and how we can transfer those images unto paper. :) I am very excited about this!  

On the 21st I will be traveling to London England for a week long of training, under Fusion International organization. This is also very exciting as I will be given the oportunity to reflect upon my life, God and what God has called me in life to do. Please pray that God blesses that time. 

On the 28th I will return to Athens, Greece where I will begin my classes at Mediterranean College as a second year studying in HND Counceling and Psychology. I'm also very happy for my change in schedual and it looks like I will be attending class twice a week, monday and wendsday from 5-9pm. I am very eager to see what God will teach me this year. :)

Please continue to pray for the work here in Greece. 
We had some crazy riots the other day and the whole downtown area was in lock down. There is a lot of pressure for answers and solutions. But I feel as if Streetlights is still fighting for its place here in the city, it is important we walk in victory and in God promices. The constant struggle for funds distracts the teams true prurpoce. 

I continue to look for monthly supporters, if God puts it in your heart to support me you can do so here: 

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