Friday, November 2, 2012

There is a thunderstorm of fire coming

Four days have past since I returned from my trip to England and I can already sense the ways I was affected by it. 

I stayed in a small town outside Birmington, at a place called "House of bread at the Mill" - it was a beautiful location in which apromaxetly 20 participants were there for an one-week course. Our outline was living with God, living with others and living with yourself. This whole week was facilitated by the Fusion International team. I must admit God choices the most incredible ways to shape us. Each time I think I've understood the hand manual a new addition is added. I entered this one-week course believing I would find solitude and refreshment but instead God challenged me to the core of my beliefs, in order to refine me in ways I thought not possible.

If not stronger I came out victorious. 

As I left England I felt an ache in my heart, I love that land and the work people do there and at times I think life there would be so much easier and delightful. 

However, as I rode the air-plane home my heart began to fill with excitement, even as I returned home my eyes began to fix on the true prize. I know I'm not called to ease but of a life of pure dependency on grace. All the goodness I have come to know and love in lands far away from my own home, I desire to see them take shape within my own people. Yet again I returned to a city where streets are blocked, protests are taking place and beggars overwhelm the people. This is sad because even though people would usually respond to such needs, the people of this city have become numb. It is very difficult to address issues such as the homelessness, child abuse (neglect, prostitution, and taken advantage of) drugs, red light districts, sex trafficking, bullying etc.when, people's homes are in danger of being taken by the bank. Upon thinking of Greece you naturally think of banckrupsy, but no one thinks of the new issues created such as ghettos, gags, drugs, sex trafficking etc. This is a dramatic change for Greece, anyone who has lived or stayed in Greece will become aware of one ultimate truth: family is the strongest bond. To Greeks family is everything, but through this economical crisses we see that  this strong bond begins to break/change the core of our nations beliefs. I can't even imagine how 2013 will develop but I know it's time to do things a little differently. It's time we begin to live differently.

Rudolph Bahro said, "When the forms of a culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure."

I (we) am called to a life greater than myself. What does it mean to be the light? When I walk into a house that I just bought what are my first actions? I firstly access my house, what is good and what is not. If my kitchen's pluming is not working, I am not going to keep living as if it is fine. I need to replace it. If I don't my house will flood and new problems will be created. So when I walk in the streets of my own town, I need to find what is not working. I need to understand what dangers are around me, how I can help. I no longer desire a vain life to which I spend my days finding nice things to do for myself. I desire to live in a refined world/City in which through struggles it becomes pure.    

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