Thursday, September 20, 2012

first week report

"Home sweet home" has been my tough lately. 

I've settled into my new apartment in Athens, with my wonderful roommate and husband, and life is starting to get into a routine. Upon my arrival, things were a bit hectic and borderline crazy, but after touching base I have a plan. 

I have begun working with Streetlights daily, thankfully I live only 20 minutes away (walking distance) which has proven to be a very pleasant walk. On my way to the Streetlights headquarters, I walk by the presidents house and the national garden. I cross the street and find myself at "Kolonaki Square" which also has proven to be one of the finest (and expensive) areas. This has all come as a surprise and a blessing.

In the months leading up to my relocation to Athens, I never believed I would receive such a perfect apartment and location to live in. My apartment building, can be seen in the picture to the right. Alcaeus and I live on the first floor (the window above the grafiti is our window). Its a small cozy apartment that appears to be very high-tech! This used to be my in-laws office, so it is very well kept. When I walk into my bathroom I don't even have to switch on the light, it does it automatically for me. 

I still can't believe how much God has blessed my new beginning - both in my marriage and in Athens. Leaving my home in Thessaloniki was hard, and not knowing how everything was going to turn out was even harder. However, faith kept me through all the doubts. An even bigger blessing is to see how God provides and loves. 
I promise to post pictures of the inside of the apartment once everything looks tidy :) 

My daily routine at Streetlights has been pretty basic.  At the headquarters, we have been re-arranging the office and redefining the space area we have.  Currently, Streetlights is planning to include a youth cafe as part of its facilities this year.  A change in need of lots of attention.

Philemon, the leader of Streetlights, is planning a trip to Australia in October.  Most of his time and energy is being place on forming new contacts and planning presentations for his short time there.  Therefore, please pray God looks after him during his trip and that He provides the resources that are needed.  In the mean time, the other members of Streetlights are directed to organize the headquarters.

To the left, is a picture of us at work! For the sake of getting a photo for you to see - we are all pretending to work :) In this room, the majority of work is taken care of and finished.  Most of the videos, montage, posters, etc. are done on these computers.

My job for this upcoming week is to get the Headquarters up and running; therefore, during Philemon absence in Australia, Streetlights will continue to function and produce normally. 

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