Saturday, September 1, 2012

A new life together begins

Here's a photo from our wedding!  We released
doves as an act of unity. 
One of the most anticipated days of my life has come and gone.  On August 17, 2012, Alcaeus and I married.  We said our I do’s and sealed our words with a kiss.  My father, Michael Long, and Alcaeus’ uncle, Stephanos Botonis, preformed our ceremony.  The evening was nothing shy from unique – a word my father used to describe us in the opening speech.

Our wedding was unique.  Most weddings in Greece are traditionally held within the confinements of church walls, but we held ours within the confinements of God’s nature.  We walked on grass, saw the deep blue sky and released two doves to symbolize our commitment to each other.  As my mother often put (before and after the wedding), the whole evening felt like a beautiful fairytale.  And above all, we enjoyed ourselves.

The Monday after, thanks for our family, we departed the mainland of Greece and got on a boat.  We spent our honeymoon on a five-day cruise. 

Since Saturday 25th, we have been in Thessaloniki spending some time with my family.  On September 3, we will pack my belongings and head to Athens.  The picture to the left is the building we will be living in, more specifically the first floor.  As mentioned in my previous post – Alcaeus’ parents gave the apartment to us for this first year of our marriage.

Once we’re settled in our new apartment, I’ll begin working with Streetlights.  The focal ministry I will be assisting and working in for this coming year.

Currently, Streetlights is focusing on separating into two categories:
1) Business Frontier in charge of creating videos for churches and organizations, a way to  provide funds for the organizations as a whole; and the
2) Youth and Community Work, consists of disciplining new and old participants of 
Streetlights, this will help the team become more efficient and creative. 

My task will be to divide the team into these new categories and to ensure each member finds his/her specific place within Streetlights.  With these changes we hope to bring better productivity and organization. 

Upon my arrival to Athens, I will also work with the young mother’s small group, in developing a night of prayer as well as forming a daycare program for their children.  

We will be living off our wedding gifts in the beginning. Our support is still low. $800 has come in the $2000 needed for start up funds.  $500+ is the level of monthly support.  $1250 is needed. Please pray and consider being a partner.  If you would like to give, you can click here.  

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