Monday, August 6, 2012

August just began and the excitement is growing.  On August 17, I am getting married.  With so much preparation and so many details, stress is very high, but things are coming together. It is going to be so beautiful.  A perfect wedding on a mountain over Thessaloniki promises to fulfill my dream come true hope.

In September, I will begin my FM Mission one year assignment with the youth mission called “Streetlights” in Athens.  We have been given a place to stay as a gift from Alcaeus’ parents. Now, we are counting on God to provide the funds for living and ministry.

Here is our budget for the year:

Start-up funds:                                 $2000 one time
Living expenses                                $450 monthly
Utilities                                 $190 monthly
Health Ins                            $130 monthly
Ministry Expenses           $190 monthly
Taxes                                    $125 monthly
Tithe                                      $75 monthly
Monthly need                   $1160

Currently for start-up, there is almost $800 in my account and for monthly, promises are at $510.
Please consider making a donation or becoming a monthly supporter. Click below.

Thank you very much for investing in this ministry opportunity for God’s work in Athens.

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