Thursday, March 14, 2013

school work beginning

just a small update on recent events:
today is the day!...
today a group of four volunteers from Streetlights began their first hours of school work.
We went to a school in an area called "Vathi Square" which is known to be a rough -even ghetto- area of down town Athens. We entered a school that is known for its students being foreigners. For most of the students, Greek is their second language. The room was filled with 20 students, all of them around the age of 13-14, boys and girls. And we were given 2 school hours to run our after-school activity ; which focused on filming. We spent some time getting to know the students and setting some ground rules and principles that we all agreed on, after that we spent some time in front of the camera so the students could feel comfortable. It wasn't long until the room was filled with laughter and smiles; it was a great experience to meet each and every one of these kids and just hang out with them for two hours on a Thursday afternoon. Our plan is to continue our weekly two hour visit up until the summer and to end our season with a bang; we will be having a party where we can show all the wonderful talents that were brought to the surface!

Here is an snapshot from today's class: our volunteers Philemon and Babis heading off a discussion on what the kids would like to create with this opportunity. :) 

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