Tuesday, February 5, 2013

long time no see

Hello reader,

It has been a while since I wrote a little update on my life. It's hard to sum up all the experiences and memories into one major post. It might be pointless to do so. As many of you are either reading this for the first time or have read previously other post but have forgotten.

Who am I? I am a 21 year old trying to figure out what to do in life and how to get things done. I work with many people and love meeting new people all in the hope of change. Changing my view/heart/understanding of life but also in the hope that I may affect those around me. I hope to make the world a brighter place. I work with an Organisation called Streetlights, located in down town Athens. This organisation's target is to help young people express themselves creatively/emotionally/physically/spiritually and they do so in many many different ways. From small groups, to training people to film and make videos, or even creative outdoor flash mobs or day trips. We now even have a small Youth Cafe that we run twice a week, with activities such as board game nights, karaoke, or live music and of course a free cup of chocolate is given to anyone that will receive it. This is one way of change occurring.

This type of organisation is not something that you will find easily. It's made out of strong individuals who  believe in change and believe that change begins first  in ourselves. This group gives me hope, for a better tomorrow. Because if the world had more groups like this one so many needs could be met. So I can proudly  say I am a streetlighter.

Something new has entered my world recently, the idea and possibility of creating a documentary. Not just any kind of documentary but one that focuses on a social issue that is much larger; not only does it affect Greece but the whole world. Many people live off of this issue and build mansions and castles. It has to do with social injustice, that many are trying to address and do something about. I am speaking about modern day slavery. The business that makes more money than any man should ever need. Trafficking of women, young girls, and even children. In the beginning I wasn't sure how to approach this issue but over a period of time I came to see how by filming and creating such a documentary could in fact bring about change. Greece is affected by this issue and it is sad to see how ignorant the majority of the population is about this issue. I must admit I'm excited to see this opportunity unfold. And to see what other opportunities present themselves.

Living life isn't enough. The question that keeps going off in my head is "what is of worth", looking back on my life I want to see things that are of value to myself but others. A big house with a nice yard and a white fence isn't my understanding of life, but a life filled with self-fulfilment and purpose is. The ways we reach our goal is not as important as the goal itself, but are equal in value. The people that love and affect us help shape who we are, and that is something that we all take to the grave.

I would like to share with you a video that I made recently, it's about the work that the Set Free Movement has been doing. This video was made to cover a specific need but it sums up a lot of truth and purpose into a 3 minute clip. If you have any questions please do contact me at mariettakalilong@gmail.com anytime. http://vimeo.com/57204083

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