Tuesday, June 25, 2013

travels to America

It has been a while but big plans have been forming! We have been planning a big trip to America to attend at least 3 major conferences on Human trafficking. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to see new places but to meet so many different people, all united under one cause. Here is my travel plans:
Sept 4 Dep at 6.30 m arr 5.43pm in Rochester
Sept. 5-8 Rochester, NY, Edgewood FMC
Sept 9 Dep at 6.13 pm arr 7.05 pm Chicago
Sept. 11-14 Nashville, TN, Trevecca University Conference
Sept 15 New South Churches with Tamra Balzer
Sept 16 pick up and drive to WL
Sept. 21-22 Titusville, PN, Titusville FMC
With Ginger Coakley
Sept. 28-29 Glen Carbon, IL, The Bridge Church
Sept. 30 Greenville College Chapel, Greenville, IL
Oct. 1, 2 Stay with Ginger, connect in Gateway.
Oct. 3-7 Atlanta, GA - travel with Ginger
Oct. 8-10 – Winona Lake
Oct. 11-12 Spring Arbor Conference on Human Trafficking,
. . .
Oct. 17-20 Possible McPherson KS at several universities
Oct 25-26 Oakbrook, IL
Oct 27  Greek Church Chicago
Oct 28 Dep 2.00 pm arr 12.20 noon in Athens 1029
I now have the opportunity to create small short documentary clips (big thank you to Set Free Movement for that) and I have just began working on them! hopefully they will be available soon. until then please view this short clip that was made for the Set Free Movement.

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